Bridges have played an important role in the development of cities and entire states since ancient times. For example, the bridge over the Danube united the two cities of Buda and Pest and formed the city of Budapest, which we now know as the capital of Hungary. Bridges also symbolize unity, so newlyweds often use bridges in their wedding photos, leaving locks on the railings as a sign of eternal love.

1.Golden Gate (USA)

It was once considered the longest suspension bridge in the world. It was built during the Great Depression in the United States, which did not prevent it from becoming a truly marvel of engineering.

2.Ponte Vecchio (Italy)

The only bridge in Florence that survived after the Second World War. The style of the bridge is designed in the colors of the famous Medici times. One of the oldest in Italy, maintaining the classic Florentine style.

3.Brooklyn Bridge (USA)

Also at one time it was considered the longest suspension bridge in the world. Unlike other large-scale American bridges, it has a wide footpath. During the frequent power outages during the Great Depression was the only crossing. By the way, during the terrorist attacks of 2001, it was also used as a pedestrian.

4.Charles Bridge (Czech Republic)

The most famous Gothic bridge in the world. Decorated with statues – there are exactly 30 of them on both sides of the bridge. Perhaps this bridge can be called one of the most recognizable. It is very difficult to confuse it with any other.

5.Yongji (China)

Built entirely of wood, and without a single nail. Closed from rain and wind. For China, not the largest project, but one of the most beautiful. It is famous for being an almost completely closed structure.

6.Alcantara Bridge (Spain)

The most famous bridge in Spain, but it was built by the Romans. The style is quite bright and recognizable, and the history of the bridge can be seen even from the materials from which it was built. It is strategically very important, so they often tried to destroy it. Unsuccessfully.

7.Millau (France)

343 meters – a world record for the height of bridges. The construction took almost 400 million euros, but the bridge is worth it. It is considered one of the most beautiful structures in the world – this is easy to see if you get on the bridge during fog and cloudiness.

8.Tower Bridge (UK)

Symbol of London. It stands on two flooded piers, which was made specifically for the construction. Specially finished with Portland stone and sheathed with Cornish granite. A truly royal building, famous literally all over the world.

9.Hangzhou (China)

One of the longest bridges in the world – its length is 36 kilometers. Sturdy, reliable, strong, beautiful.

10.Bosphorus Bridge (Turkey)

Connects Europe and Asia. This is the first and only construction of this type and with such a symbolic meaning. For the suspension bridge is considered one of the longest structures in the world.

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