If earlier it was fashionable to have big dogs of fighting breeds, now small dogs are becoming more and more in demand. And what, for a city apartment – what you need! For you – the rating of the smallest dogs in the world.

1.Chihuahua (15-25 cm / up to 3 kg)

Recognized as the smallest breed of dog, but you should not treat such a dog as a soft toy: Chihuahuas are quite aggressive if they defend themselves from strangers, and they bite without even barking warning. One of the record holders for short stature among Chihuahuas is Heaven St. Brandy from the USA: its length is about 15 cm, weight is 2 kg.

2.Brussels Griffon (22-28 cm / up to 4.5 kg)

Interestingly, this breed was bred back in the Middle Ages to exterminate rats in ports. However, the Brussels soon became the favorites of European court ladies from a hunter: they were taken with them “on the way out” as a part of a fashionable toilet, like gloves or a fan. With proper upbringing, these dogs really behave like aristocrats, although in general this is a very playful breed.

3.Pomeranian (22 cm / up to 3.5 kg)

Charming ball of wool with button eyes! Spitz just can not help but like, and, by the way, many celebrities turned them on – queens, artists, writers. But such dogs, it turns out, are also good guards: they greet the appearance of a stranger in the house with a loud bark. In addition, Pomeranians perfectly adapt to the lifestyle of their owner: with a homebody they will lie on the couch, with an active person they will gladly go for long walks.

4.Yorkshire Terrier (up to 23 cm / up to 3.1 kg)

Another rat-catcher dog, and in recent years the most fashionable breed of miniature dogs. This is facilitated not only by a funny appearance, but also by an intelligent character. They do not have an undercoat, so Yorkshire terriers practically do not shed.

5.Papillon (20-28 cm / 2.5-5 kg)

This breed of miniature dogs has been known since the time of Louis XIV. Their “signature” color is white, with red spots, and their ears with fluffy long hair resemble butterfly wings. They are quick-witted, affectionate and playful, love to travel and become strongly attached to their owners.

6.Affenpinscher (20-28 cm / 3-4.5 kg)

A very funny dog ​​that looks like a little monkey! Affenpinschers are just tireless “batteries”: mobile, playful, always in a great mood. Even if the owner is not in the spirit, such a dog is able to make anyone laugh! Get along well with children. By the way, in 2013, a 9-year-old dog of the Affenpinscher breed named Banana Joe won at the international canine beauty contest.

7.Toy Fox Terrier (16-25cm/1.5-3.5cm)

It can be said that it is a mini version of the Fox Terrier, a charm that has all the advantages of its larger counterpart, including its energy, because that Fox Terrier is a solid ball of energy! Also, these dogs are very obedient and easy to train.

8.Russian Toy Terrier (18-26 centimeters / 1.3-2.7 kilograms)

These tiny dogs have a strong character – hunting roots still affect. Excellent urban breed: does not need special care, obligatory walks and frequent bathing.

9.Japanese Chin (23-25cm/1.8-3.5kg)

The perfect combination: unusual appearance + great character! Hina can start even novice dog breeders, there will be no trouble with him. Obedient, sociable and affectionate dogs.

10.Maltese (21-26 cm / 2.5-3.5 kg)

She is also a Maltese, whose main decoration is snow-white, long hair to the floor. Those who like to care for long hair will be happy to bathe, comb and braid the Maltese. A friendly companion dog that is suitable for both large families and single people.

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