Coffee is the second most traded product in the world, surpassed only by oil. Caffeine is considered by some to be the most widely used drug in the world. According to statistics, about 2.2 billion cups of coffee are consumed in one day in the world. But in fact, the real crime is to drink a low-quality drink. In our TOP, we will talk about the most expensive coffees in the world, each cup of which costs tens of dollars.

1. Hacienda La Esmeralda (Panama) – $773 per kg

The most expensive coffee, as usual, cannot be found in a store, and even more so in Starbucks! Only auctions, and only the most exclusive ones. $ 773 per kilogram of this, no doubt, delicious (and very rare) coffee will pay a real fan with a big wallet. But even the richest people can’t afford a cup of Hacienda La Esmeralda every day, it’s so rare.

2. Luwak Coffee (Indonesia) – $360 per kg

Luwak Coffee is not just a variety, but coffee that was eaten by civet. Ate, well, then, you understand. They say that the process of digestion of civet gives coffee an unforgettable delicate taste. We will not argue about this.

3. St. Helena Coffee (St. Helena) – $174 per kg

The St. Helena Coffee Company boasts that it can trace its roots back to Napoleon Bonaparte himself. But be that as it may, history is responsible for only part of its value. This coffee is valued no less for its wonderful rich taste, and the delivery distance completes the job. But still, there are connoisseurs who are willing to pay for St. Helena Coffee its considerable price.

4. Molokai Coffee (Hawaii) – $113 per kg

Ideal climate, small plantations, unique conditions – the original US coffee grows only in Hawaii. Every year, several varieties of the most excellent drink are produced here. And Molokai Coffee is “cream from cream”.

5. Fazenda Santa Ines (Brazil) – $110 per kg

On this coffee hacienda, organics rule the roost. Plantations are cultivated in the most traditional way on fertile lands, and fertilizers come to them from mineral water sources. All factors add up to give coffee that very berry flavor for which true lovers appreciate it.

6. Blue Mountain (Jamaica) – $108 per kg

Alpine coffee (plantations are located at 1,500 meters above sea level) is especially liked by the Japanese, who buy up to 80% of the crop. Even the price of 108 US dollars per kilogram does not prevent this.

7. Los Planes (El Salvador) – $88 per kg

Twice One of the best cups in the world – coffee Los Planes (El Salvador) grows in the mountains of Chalatenango. These hills give the drink an exquisite caramel flavor, accompanied by hints of cane sugar.

8. Mi Esperanza Coffee (Honduras) – $77 per kg

Coffee beans from the plantations of Honduras are of the highest quality, bringing together fruit, nut and chocolate notes, complemented by aromas of spices. All this has made the country the leader in coffee production in South America, but Mi Esperanza Coffee is an elite even for Honduras. Its very bright taste is not accompanied by bitterness, giving connoisseurs an exceptional sensation.

9. Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon (Rwanda) – $53 per kg
Rwanda’s climate is ideal for growing the finest coffees. The very multifaceted taste that coffee beans convey to the drink is the result of efforts not only by farmers in Rwanda. Starbucks has invested a lot of money in the development of the country’s coffee industry, hence the name.

10. Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico) – $53 per kg

The nutrient- and mineral-rich soil of Puerto Rico’s highlands gives coffee grown here a distinctive buttery-chocolate flavor. The abundance of rainfall makes the harvest high, but even it is not enough to give water to all lovers of a hot drink – Coffee Yauco Selecto AA rarely goes on sale.

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