The most common fact about a camel is that it can go for long periods without food or water. But apart from this statement about camels, few people know. We offer to expand your knowledge about this incredible animal and learn a lot more. These are the most interesting 10 facts about camels.

1. If a camel went to bed or just rested, then it is almost impossible to make him get up until he wants to.

2. Contrary to popular belief, the hump of a camel does not store water. It stores fat, which helps lower the heat of the rest of the body.

3. The camel’s mouth contains up to 3 liters of saliva, and when angry, he spits it out at the offender at a distance of up to 5 meters.

4. The maximum speed a camel can run is 16 km/h.

5. Camels are able to carry a load equal to half their weight, and the strongest – as much as they weigh themselves, about 700 kg.

6. A camel can feel water at a distance of sixty kilometers. Their sense of smell helps them survive in the desert.

7. A thirsty camel can drink more than 100 liters of water at a time.

8. Do you know why these animals can live so long without water? Their erythrocytes are oval in shape, so in the absence of moisture they remain “fluid”, while the erythrocytes of other animals (and humans too) collide with each other without water and cannot flow. Camels are the only mammals in the world with red blood cells of this shape.

9. Camels can completely close their nostrils from wind and sand when necessary.

10. A camel can live in the wild for 40 to 50 years.

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