Each cat is a champion, if not of the whole world, then of his own apartment for sure. We offer to dream up and imagine sports competitions among seals. In what disciplines would cats take first place? Cats are very athletic and energetic. Even the laziest cat sometimes does not mind kicking a ball or overcoming a couple of obstacles. Cats are very energetic, especially at a young age. Let’s see in which sports they could excel and teach their masters a lot.


An energetic cat is just a dream for a football coach. These fluffies just love to chase balls, toy mice or anything that gets into their paws. They dexterously throw the toy, throwing it into hard-to-reach places. And the owners who have two cats or a whole cat family know how they play with the ball as a team. There is no doubt that if someone assembled a team of eleven seals on the field, they would become champions, leaving no chance for superiority even to the most eminent football players.


Stretching, dexterity, coordination of movements – these are the qualities that nature has awarded cats very generously. People have to do yoga and stretching for many years to make their bodies more flexible, cats are born with this. Just look at how your cat stretches upon waking up, how it gets into narrow spaces, how it balances, standing on an uncomfortable surface. Cats are born gymnasts, they can take unthinkable poses even during sleep.

Obstacle course

Little mustachioed athletes just love to overcome obstacles. You just put a box or a large bag in the middle of the room, and your pet already took it as a challenge and began to overcome the obstacle. Domestic cats do not have an extensive training base, so they regard any new item as a sports equipment. And they can also climb, jump from one hill to another, climb into confined spaces and maneuver there. Perhaps the best gift for a cat is a play complex where you can train endlessly.


To test yourself in rock climbing, climb a rope or a rope net, you need to go to a sports and entertainment center. It is more fun and easier for cats; for them, ordinary furniture can become a height to conquer. They like to climb on cabinets and walls, some even manage to climb on the door and settle on its upper edge. Watching your possessions from a height is an instinct that nature has awarded every member of the cat family. In the conquest of heights, cats have no equal, only with the descent down they sometimes experience difficulties. It’s good that the owner is always ready to help.

Running in a circle

Another favorite activity for almost all cats. They love to run around in circles. Sometimes they demolish everything in their path, but people themselves are to blame for leaving loose things in the cat’s access. For cats, falling interior items are an entourage and an additional reason for fun, most often after a fall they add inspiration for a few more laps. If running in a circle was a sport, then cats would be leaders in it.

What sport do cats love the most?

Seriously, cat training at home can be associated with a number of inconveniences. But this is infinitely useful for them, without physical activity a cat cannot be mentally and physically healthy. Each animal has its own preferences, but they all love those active games in which their beloved owner participates with them. Joint games are useful not only for the health of the cat, they strengthen his emotional connection with the owner.

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