Lisa and Leonbergers. This German breed is known for a love of people commensurate with its large size.

With the advent of a large dog in the apartment, there is a lot of fun, joy, noise, games … as well as dirt and wool. So that you are not surprised by the fact that a large dog requires appropriate care, read this article.

The rules for keeping dogs vary, each breeder brings something of their own to them, but almost every person means two things by these words: training and cleanliness. Today we will talk about how to keep a dog clean, even if you are in a small apartment.

A dog is like a child – it feels the mood of the owner and all household members. If at least someone in the house is against the dog, you should not start it, because there will be no complete harmony in the house. Of course, there are people who, with the advent of the animal, no longer understand why they were against it from the beginning, but not everyone changes anger to mercy.

The dog must have its place. We are not talking about a small box, but about a full-fledged corner with a place to sleep, with bowls for food and water, with toys. The dog must have such an angle, otherwise it will wander around the apartment, touch and drop, crush, trample, gnaw things and other objects.

The most optimal solution would be a hallway, if space permits. This will give the dog the opportunity to observe what is happening at home, from his place, thereby not disturbing the owners. In no case do not let the dogs lie on the sofa, armchair, and even more so in bed! This is contrary to the elementary rules of hygiene, and also discourages the dog: in the pack, only the leader has the right to lie on a raised platform. Therefore, your pet may feel in charge and cease to reckon with the authority of a person.

A large dog in an apartment needs space and daily activity. Of course, an apartment is not the most suitable place to keep a dog, but this is a reality, and therefore it is necessary to compensate for the lack of space by daily walks with a pet for at least 1.5 hours. Of course, this is a big waste of time, but look at it from the other side: walks are always good not only for dogs, but also for owners! Fresh air, active walking is the best way to stay in good shape and temper in any weather. Think twice before buying a large dog. Maybe a medium sized dog is right for you.

If you want to buy a large dog, it is better to contact breeders. Of course, it will be a noble deed if you take a dog from the street, but in this case, do not forget to take it to the veterinary clinic first thing (immediately!) and have it examined. Otherwise, you will bring home not only a new pet, but also new diseases.

Keeping a large dog in a city apartment is associated with certain difficulties, but all the troubles and inconveniences are fully compensated by the devotion and boundless love of four-legged friends!

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