Probably, every child in childhood, in whose family there were no pets, dreamed of having some kind of pet for himself and tearfully begged his parents about it. Often adults refuse such a request to children, citing the fact that it is necessary to take care of the animal, walk it, devote free time to it, feed it, entertain it, and sometimes treat it … After all, a pet is a big responsibility. But psychologists say that it is in childhood thanks to animals that children can be taught to take responsibility for someone, to love, care, empathize and share joy.

In general, pets bring a lot of trouble into our lives, but the benefits from them are much greater!

And the biggest benefit of pets is that they improve our lives.

All pets reduce stress in their owners and help to avoid it. For example, canaries and parrots perfectly cheer up and save you from depression. What can we say about our four-legged friends, cats and dogs, the constant communication and care of which simply does not leave time for sad thoughts. But it turns out that even watching aquarium fish can improve sleep, calm and reduce stress.

Regular care for our smaller brothers helps to strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure. It is known that cats can relieve pain (especially with rheumatism and migraine), reduce inflammation. Soft and fluffy pets will help get rid of insomnia and reduce the manifestations of neurological diseases.

An interesting fact: the owners of small rodents, mice, hamsters and rabbits manage to get rid of joint pain. And constant walks and walking larger pets strengthen muscles and joints. This is not to mention the overall health benefits of being outdoors.

All pets affect the nervous system of their owners, strengthening it, allowing to reduce irascibility and irritability. For example, the independent nature of cats conveys calmness and balance to humans. Just by caring for their little friends, people become much more self-confident, get rid of complexes and isolation, and also make many new acquaintances.

Therefore, it is never too late to get a pet and experience all the joys of communicating with him. All our pets have a positive effect on us, improving mood and reducing stress, reducing pain and allowing us to cope with illnesses faster. Care and bonding with pets teaches us to love and respect, to be friends and to empathize. And all this is useful at any age.

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