General characteristics and birthplace of the breed

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can hunt birds like all spaniels and will show excellent skill in this area, however, these dogs are mainly used as loving family companions.

Country of origin – Great Britain

Average life expectancy –  9 -14 years old

Height – 30-33 cm

The weight – 6-8 kg

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an elegant and graceful dog of small size. The dog’s head looks flat in the area between the ears, and the muzzle has a conical shape, the ears are long and high set. The coat is long and smooth, and may be slightly wavy. There are four types of colors: black with bright tan, bright dark red, black and tan piebald and blenheim – bright chestnut spots on a white background.

Dogs are not at all aggressive and not nervous, but very friendly and sociable. Spaniels love long active games and are always ready to demonstrate their own fearlessness. Cavaliers have the ability to hunt, but not for a long time. The main purpose of these pets is to be a beloved member of the family.

Nutrition and care of the breed

A balanced diet is incredibly important for a pet, as it maintains its immunity at an optimal level and favorably affects the course of all vital body functions. High-quality holistic or super-premium feeds contain a sufficient amount of useful microelements and vitamins that are preserved after the processing of natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. For the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, products from the Royal Canin or Acana brands are perfect. You can also cook your own food. In this case, the dog’s diet should include beef, boiled chicken, cereals, in particular from rice and buckwheat, and vegetables.

Wool does not require special care, it is enough to comb your pet several times a week. It is recommended to bathe the spaniel every couple of months. Special attention should be paid to the eyes and ears of the dog, as they are prone to various infectious diseases. Nails should be trimmed as they grow. The pet does not require increased physical activity.

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