Eagle is a bird that become a symbol of pride, bravery and courage in many countries. In nature they are one of the angriest creatures, and the only human can create danger for them, displacing eagles from their habitats, but despite this there is many places where eagles are in wild.

  • The eagle’s wingspan reaches 2.4 meters with a body length of up to 88 centimeters.
  • Eagles are flying with speed from 190 to 240 kilometers per hour. When bird seas a potential sacrifice his speed can reach to 320 kilometers per hour.
  • Eagles can fly op to 7-9 kilometers height. Not every plane can reach such a height.
  • Eagles find a mate once and for their whole life. English scientists find a couple of eagles who lived together more than 40 years.
  • Eagles build their nests at the highest altitude available in the area to protect their chicks. Nests are expanded and completed year after year. They are the biggest birds build. They are the biggest birds who made nests.

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