Llamas are not only cute, but also very ancient animals. More than 40 million years ago, their ancestors lived on the plains of North America, but migrated to South America about 3 million years ago. In this article we want to tell you 5 interesting and cute facts about llamas.

  • Alpaca is a kind of llama. The alpaca is smaller than the llama, shy, but very smart. It is easy to train and often participates in performances.
  • But larger and stronger llamas are used as a transport. They can take loads on a difficult and mountain roads, even there, where no any other transport will pass.
  • Llama wool is not as valuable as alpaca, but it’s also used for some needs. You can make blankets and rugs.
  •  Lamas have a strict distribution of responsibilities: males carry cargo and protect the herd from predators, females continue the race. Males are also milked for milk. Females are never milked or loaded.
  • Alpacas, unlike llamas, don’t bite or butt. They don’t have front teeth.

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