When Caleb rescued Chichi and Nuna, two abandoned kittens, they got soaked through. Their mother moved from this place and left the children in the rain. So, the lifeguard brought them to his home in Sorano, Italy.

Chichi and Nunu slept for quite some time after they returned home and gradually recovered. Soon they gained energy and in a few days turned into violent little kittens.

The kittens were afraid of Caleb for the first two days, but then they considered him their mother. After that, the two of them climbed on Caleb’s shoulder or under his neck.

Even Caleb took care of them and loved them like his own children. The kittens never left him alone. The rescuer was a professional artist and often painted in different places. So, a good man decided to pull them out.

He took them to new places and introduced them to the city. While he was painting, the little kittens explored the area, but never got too far away from him. Several people asked him if he was afraid of their escape.

However, the kittens never moved more than 2 meters from Caleb, so he knew that they would never leave him. Instead, they usually ended up in his lap while he painted. The Italian believed that they were his buddies who always followed him.

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