Stacey Pettit of Rescue & Remember recently rescued a dog that had been living in a horrible cage for six years. Another dog lived next to her in separate boxes. However, they never had a chance to communicate.

The smell coming from their bodies was terrible, but it didn’t matter to Stacey because she knew these dogs needed her help. The rescuer expected negative actions from them, but they just kissed.

The giant dog was called Angelica, and the small dog was called Spud. Both were grateful for the rescue. Amy Creels of Knine Rescue Inc. was able to adopt Spad a few weeks later because he was in better shape.

However, when Angelica came to the rescue, Amy didn’t know what to expect from the dog. She was a little difficult because she had been in the cage for so long that they had to strengthen her hind legs.

Amy was struck by Angelica’s instant trust in people. Once a kind woman decided to give Angelica a ride in a car. The innocent animal was very excited and did not know what to think. Amy even gave the cute dog a hamburger.

Now the dog had a rope toy and slept in a friendly, soft, warm place. Then, when Amy took her to the park, she continued to visit the other person and play with his dog. Soon people approached the savior, and she was accepted by them.

Spud and Angelica were thriving in their families, so the rescuers wanted them to bring them together and let them know how far they’ve come. It was the first time they had contacted in three months. Stacey and Amy realized that all the tears, stress and anger were worth it when they saw these innocent dogs thrive.

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