Canadian wolf named Akela is the biggest wolf in the world. His owner Andrey Musienko showed off and played his best friend to the whole world. Akela is living with Musienko since he was little puppy and nobody thought that he would grow so huge and massive as a wolf.

In the forests of North America, Siberia, and northern Europe, wolves like the Akela are known as consummate stalkers and pack-hunting predators.

Akela can look angry and not friendly but he is very cute and sweet towards Musienko. While Musienko is with Akela, the energetic wolf tries to play with his friend by jumping on his back.

Akela is chewing Andrey’s hoodie and placing his huge paws on his shoulders. Musienko smiles and tries to keep up with Akela in energy and weight.

It’s not easy to wrestle with wolf. Akela and his owner had a former bond, and they also has absolutely trust between then. So they are really good friends. Akela even playfully bites Musienko, who is not averse to sticking his fingers in Akela’s mouth.

Musienko hoped to build an even larger enclosure for Akela so that he would have more space to walk and stay. They are very close and Akela is happy to have him around.

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