Dannielle have had kittens for a long time, but she had never seen such a little kitten like Venus. When she found Venus, the kitten was small, fragile and sick.

Kitten was smaller than Dannielle’s computer mouse. From the outset Venus was loving kitten. Venus started to purr when she was just 4-days-old.

Dannielle as a foster parent, was very happy and satisfied, because she helped the little Venus get better.

At her new home, the adorable kitten felt happy and loved, but it took about 2 month to get Venus to reach weight of 1 pound.

Venus went to work every day with her foster mother. She definitely acted like a “chatty Katie” with her foster mom. She wandered around the table and meowed all the time.

It was very common for Danielle to bring her adopted kittens to work when they were very young, as they had to be bottle fed. However, the little kitten had an adorable attitude and chatted the most at work.

Danielle thought that Venus was tired of hearing her foster mom’s voice all day and wanted her opinion to be heard. So she meowed whenever it was time to go home and reminded her mother of this.

The foster mom thought that little Venus was telling her that enough zoom calls for today and it was time to go home. However, Danielle felt great as her adopted kitten emerged from her shell and gained weight. Venus was now prosperous and ready for adoption.

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