A violet harlequin Ringneck parrot named Cypress is missing one of his wings. He was hurt after hatching, but a bird sitter managed to save him.

The bird had to have one of his wings removed since he would never be able to fly. It continued to expand rearward into his body, inflicting severe discomfort and even bleeding on him. After his operation, Cypress recovered well and was able to move around on his own with ease.

He loved to talk all day long and could even climb cabinets. Since his mother was a bird sitter, Cypress lived around a variety of other bird species. When the parrot first showed an interest in young birds, he was still very young.

Cypress had a strong inclination to defend them. He just developed a fierce protectiveness and concern for two Eclectus parrot chicks. He carefully guarded the newborn birds by climbing up atop the box where they were kept.

Cypress did not appreciate it when his mother approached the infants and tried to pet them. He yet sought to shield the young birds from her out of concern for them. He even bit her leg to express his annoyance to his mother.

After some time, he began to talk to his mother while perched on her shoulder and gave her beak-kisses. The bird began to speak when his mother kissed him back, saying “pleasure” and “thank you” in a cute voice.

Not only is Cypress a lovely parrot, but he also acts as a watchdog for all the other birds in the home. The parrot’s bravery and intelligence were evident in his protective attitude toward the young birds.

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