The couple recently adopted two lovely ducks. The kind hosts lived in an apartment and felt guilty that they couldn’t go out too often. So, the pet’s parents took them on vacation to a nearby pond.

As soon as the two birds were released from their small individual carry-on aviary filled with green grass, they headed towards the pond and began swimming happily on their own.

The owners found it beneficial for the birds to exercise in a natural pond due to the current. So the ducks began to play in the water. One of the domestic ducks, Solgi, shook her head like a dove as she swam in the water.

Pet parents watched the birds as they wanted to keep them safe while the ducks enjoyed their day at the pond. The water in the pond was crystal clear, and everything that was under the water could be seen.

One of the owners decided to dive underwater and look at the fish and living organisms under the pond. He was lucky to find a school of trout swimming nearby.

After diving once, he went down again to watch the fish. Ducks swam in shallow water. However, when Cheese, the second duck, found the owner floating, he immediately rolled onto his back.

After a while, when the owner again dived under the water, Solgi imitated his diving. It was wonderful to find both a bird and a person under water together. They continued to dive merrily and enjoyed each other’s company. Domestic ducks had a lot of fun in the natural pool.

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