Many individuals with homes engage in the habit of feeding the birds since it’s a wonderful way to get closer to nature. However, one individual went a step further by providing food for the chipmunks.

Although the two infants are no bigger than her hand, they are animated. One of them is waiting for her when she goes to her back door.

When she steps outside, Wally continues to chow down on his bowl of nuts while allowing the woman to pet him. Not wanting to miss the feast, his brother Chucky isn’t far behind.

Chucky, who is a little braver than his brother, enters the home to retrieve his bowl of fruit and mealworms. Wally seemed to have spent the afternoon at his house in the interim.

She at least believes that until she turns around and notices Wally clinging to her screen door once more. She moves outside to give the cute animal some mealworms while giggling.

Wally eating a red cherry the size of his head at the end of the movie emphasizes how small and defenseless these courageous little creatures are.

What a great sight to awaken to and a unique opportunity to interact with these two chipmunks.

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