Many dogs are abandoned and placed in shelters, where they spend the majority of their life waiting to be adopted and given a loving home and family to live with.

Those are dogs with ailments, problems, or any sort of physical abnormality. Due to their complicated circumstances, they are the least likely candidates for adoption. Walter is one of those dogs.

You can see by Walter’s appearance right away that he requires medical attention and is not in perfect health. But this wonderful woman is willing to adopt Walter regardless of that.

Walter suffers from a strange genetic condition called mucopolysaccharidosis, also known as MPS VI. It is a severe progressive condition that interferes with cell activity and causes incomplete body deterioration.

Although the woman who adopted Walter was largely aware of his illness, she nonetheless gave the dog a brand-new life and a loving family to live out the rest of his days with.

Under the affection and care of this generous woman, Walter enjoyed a wonderful existence for about two and a half years. For us, it might not be too long. Still, I think Walter has had enough time to enjoy being happy and making his family happy.

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