Who could have known that cats with such poor coordination would be so eager to live like ordinary cats? Jenny and Ryan adopted two ruthless cats, whom they loved very much for who they are.

Squiggles and Daisy, two cat sisters, loved to explore. So, they were looking for new plots of houses that had not yet been found. They liked to climb on cabinets and under furniture.

These two adorable cats had wobbly cat syndrome. This fact created chaos in the couple’s home. But that didn’t stop these feline sisters from being regular cats.

Every morning, Squiggles and Daisy made sure to butt heads against their parent’s bedroom door. They were the best alarm clocks for Jenny and Ryan. When the cat siblings were in exploration mode, one of them was always right behind the other, trying to do the same.

However, there was once a day when the siblings decided to sit down and look at two guinea pigs. Squiggles and Daisy were very fond of them. The guinea pigs kept the cats busy for hours.

Jenny and Ryan had two guinea pigs and wanted to make sure that any added animal wouldn’t make their cat’s life worse. This was because they were their first pets. So, they decided to get guinea pigs.

Daisy looked more like her mother’s daughter. She always wanted to be with Jenny. She was very gentle and affectionate. All she ever wanted was to be around someone. However, sometimes she had a habit of withdrawing. On the other hand, Squiggles was definitely the wilder kid. She was more eccentric, more playful, and loved to woo Ryan. Two parents considered their cats just perfect and could not imagine their life without them.

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