Princess Diana was one of the most photographed women in the world at the time of her death. During the 1980s and 1990s, it appeared that the paparazzi were following her everywhere she went. When she passed away, the entire globe wept for her loss. Many lay the finger at the mad tabloid culture as the cause of this. While it may appear that she was always in the limelight, we have a number of rare photographs that provide an intimate glimpse into her fascinating life and career. Take a look at these images of Diana taken just before her death, which reflect a special side of her:

Ski Trip

Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry are currently on vacation in Austria, where they are skiing. The photograph was taken when Harry was only nine years old! How adorable was he? The book was first released in 1994.

Getting Into The Car

This is an extremely rare photograph of Lady Diana Spencer taken in the 1960s. It was taken in 1980 before she became Queen Elizabeth II. She has such a refined appearance!

Landmine Survivors

Diana was a great humanitarian and role model for many people. This unusual photograph was taken in 1997 while she was in Angola visiting landmine victims.

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