A family with toddlers and dogs is bound to experience some funny moments. Case in point, little Amelia and her three huge guard dogs.

Amelia is fortunate to have three Alaskan Malamutes at home. All three love the little baby so much that they cannot leave her alone even while she sleeps.

The three Alaskan Malamutes, Niko, Teddy, and Phil, stood guard over a sleeping baby Amelia. They placed themselves around her bed as if they were guarding some treasure against fearless pirates.

After staying put in their positions for some time, Teddy decided to stretch himself and playfully poke at Niko. Unfortunately, this act of Teddy awakened little Amelia, and she started to cry.

Amelia’s father tried to make Teddy sit in one place quietly once again but in vain. On the contrary, Teddy thought that his owner was playing with him. Finally, however, after some time, both Phil and Teddy left Amelia’s side.

Niko, on the other hand, preferred to stick around longer with Amelia and her father. Finally, after some time, all three of them decided to lie down beside the baby. Eventually, little Amelia fell asleep once again.

The dogs at home act just like parents to a human baby. They safeguard the toddler and prefer to stick with her as if they are the parents of Amelia. That’s how much they care for the tiny human.

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