Around three and a half years ago, Taka was severely burned after he was trapped in a house fire and barely managed to escape. He was taken to Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia, and the team there saved his life. Since his injuries were so severe, his family decided to surrender him into the care of the vet practice so they could help him adjust to his new life.

Now, Taka’s life is completely different from what it was before the fire. He has very limited vision and almost no depth perception, so getting around can be tricky for him. While his burns have healed, they were so severe that the fur in those spots never grew back. After everything he’s been through, change can be scary for him, so his family makes sure they keep to a strict routine to keep him feeling safe and comfortable.

Since the pandemic started, Taka hasn’t been able to do as much therapy dog work as he used to. He’s also getting older and tires more quickly now, so his mom doesn’t want to commit him to too many things. Still, he continues to inspire people through occasional visits and his online presence, and even gets to help comfort other dogs at the vet hospital where his mom works who have also been injured.

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