A guy was just minding his business one day when suddenly, on a nearby roof, he spotted something unusual.

From afar, it looked like a Labrador just hanging out. But strangely, it appeared to be just the head of a Labrador and nothing else. Worried and confused, he looked closer.

And then the strange animal moved.
Turns out, it wasn’t actually a Labrador at all. Instead, it was a cat with markings that made it look like she had a dog’s face on her body.

The unusual-looking cat nearly gave the guy a heart attack — and so he posted the video on TikTok so the rest of the world could panic along with him.

Pretty much everyone also saw a dog, and some people initially thought it might be a dog stuck in a hole of some kind with only his head poking out. Once everyone realized the animal was actually a cat with weird markings, they were all shocked — and very relieved.

Of course, the cat hadn’t meant to scare anyone. She was just minding her own business with her unique markings, accidentally startling unsuspecting passersby.

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