Add Ryan Cabera to the list of people who admire Ryan Gosling – the singer got a tattoo of the actor on his leg!

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, Cabrera says he lost a game of “tattoo roulette” and ended up with the heartthrob’s face on his leg.

Guess the celebrity tattoo!

“We blindfold each other: ‘You get to pick a tattoo for me, and I get to pick a tattoo for you. And you don’t get to see it till they’re both done,'” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “The best part is [the tattoo artist] did it portrait-style, so it looks like the president in silhouette.”

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So does Cabrera, 30, regret the ink at all? Doesn’t seem like it.

“I’m very proud of it. I consider it the Bentley of tattoos,” he said, adding, “No, I’m not showing it to Ryan.”

Do you think the tattoo is funny, creepy or stupid?

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