Kittens are susceptible to parasites and upper respiratory infections. Combine those with other problems and that can lead to fading kitten syndrome.

Kittens, like puppies, are born with their eyes shut and ear canals closed. The world is beyond them so all they have is mom and the humans tasked to watch and help them.
Mom will clean them, keep them warm and safe, nurse them, and help them use the potty. They open their eyes open at about one to two weeks old, but will still have poor eyesight and hearing.

It’s in the following weeks that the kitten’s sight and hearing will develop to their full potential.

So that’s why this mama cat is on alert when her kitten starts moving around the makeshift bed. She knows what’s going on so she wants to be there for many reasons.
Mama cat holds on to her little one, grooming the precious kitten so it knows that mom is there. And yes, moms will leave their kittens after two weeks or so but that doesn’t mean they didn’t love their young.

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