When a woman living during World War II found out she was pregnant, she decided to give the baby up for adoption. Nearing 100, the older woman had no hope of seeing her child again.

Parents make many sacrifices for their beloved kids, and often their choices are painful. One young mom knew another family would be able to give her daughter a life full of opportunity.

As a Jewish refugee living in England, she said goodbye to her child, hoping it would save her from a life of poverty. The mother never stopped thinking about the baby girl and always dreamed about seeing her again.
In 2022, Gerda Cole celebrated her 98th birthday and received the gift of a lifetime. Grab your tissues, and read her beautiful story that will inspire you to believe in miracles.


Cole has lived through many eras, but she will never forget 1942—when she fell pregnant with a baby girl. The woman was only 18 years old and unable to take care of the newborn child and provide for her basic needs.

Unable to afford to raise an infant, Cole made the heartbreaking decision of giving her baby to a German family living in England. She stated: «I felt it was only fair to her.» But it wasn’t easy, and the choice left the young mom miserable.

Sonya was speechless and instantly wanted to meet the woman who gave birth to her. She shared: «My first reaction was I want to go and see her. I was thrilled.»

She was eager to jump on a plane and fly from the United Kingdom to Canada. As the days leading up to their meeting grew closer, Sonya couldn’t contain her excitement—and she started shaking before seeing her mom for the first time.

Reading a letter of appreciation, Cole thanked her grandson for making the meeting possible. She said: «Thanks for this opportunity. It means so much to be able to live to see this moment.»

It took more than 80 years for the mother and daughter to reunite, and despite the decades apart, they were looking forward to making up for the lost time.

Sonya had many questions, as did her mom, and the pair instantly bonded, getting to know each other. They were destined to meet, and even though it took a lifetime, it was worth it.

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