Doing puzzles and quizzes is a wonderful way to sharpen your mind. We all need some brain stimulation instead of staring at the screen, or talking about work with colleagues.

Solving problems and cracking mysteries is a fun way to add some variety and spice to our daily lives. We think we all need it, now more than ever. It’s also nice to challenge yourself from time to time!

When I visited my grandparents, they always did crossword puzzles, solved sudoku or anything like that. They said it kept their minds sharp and alert — and I can believe them.

Activating the mind with these challenges is really healthy and good for you.
I know how lazy and powerless I become from watching TV or browsing the internet. Sitting down with something that forces you to think and ponder is a wonderful way to regain energy and activate the mind. It really wakes you up and turns on the lights, so to speak..

Only 1 in 5 solve this
I found this riddle last week. It turns out that only 1 in 5 people manage to solve it quickly. I think it sounds weird, because it’s not very difficult — but it really makes you think twice.

I guess so is true with a lot of quizzes and puzzles — either you solve them right away, or you sit and think about them for a while until you find the answer.

Anyway, here’s the riddle:

Moses’s father has 4 sons; March, April and May — but what’s the name of the fourth son?
Okay, so you found the answer?

You can actually solve it by reading the question again!

If you’ve already solved it, then well done — you’re kind of geniuses (well, you’re smarter than the majority at least). You are one of the 20% who knew immediately the answer to this stumbling question.

If you were not able to solve the riddle above, you will find the answer below:

The fourth son is called Moses. «Moses’ father has 4 sons..», so that means Moses is one of the sons!

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