Chupacabra, or Chupey, is much sweeter and more gentle than the blood-sucking creature he was named after.Not all dogs are born the same. But no matter how they’re born, a dog always deserves somewhere to come home to. That was the choice we made when we domesticated them countless ages ago.

We just can’t help it. Through all those years of evolution, their lives are just tied to ours. So we find ourselves doing everything to make their lives better.
It began when this dog’s would-be mom was called by a family she didn’t know. They’d gotten her number from someone else, and heard that she was experienced at doing foster care for dogs.

His eyes were small for a puppy, and his muzzle was unusually large and showed off his teeth. Lastly, his ears curled back sharply. No one knew exactly why.

There was no denying he looked strange. But that was really it. The looks were the only thing strange about him.

Beneath that funny, toothy face was a sweet, friendly puppy.
His foster mom didn’t want him to leave either. Well, talk about a result being mutually beneficial!

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