Sandra Bullock was born in 1964. She really has a perfect athletic figure and gets roles in the best Hollywood blockbusters for a reason.
It’s hard to believe, but the actress is prone to fullness, so she has to work on her silhouette. For years, Sandra Bullock has been working
out with her personal trainer Paola Eden. «I’m constitutionally prone to gaining weight. I have to constantly exercise my hips, stomach,
legs and buttocks. The main exercises I do are squats and dumbbells lunges,» says Sandra. Also the actress runs in the morning and
relieves stress in kickboxing classes. So the number one secret is regular exercise and movement.

The actress says that the secrets of beauty are simple, you just need to give yourself a lot of time. Despite being very busy, she never
forgets about her own person. A healthy lifestyle, self-care, diet and healthy sleep are the main rules. She monitors every cell of her
body. Every step is scheduled: diet, skincare, body, hair, visiting the gym.
Sandra Bullock admits that she takes age changes very calmly. «I’m not the kind of woman who panics at the sight of a new wrinkle. I
have better things to do», — says the star. Sandra Bullock does have a lot of activities. She shoots a lot and is raising her son Louis on
her own.
Sandra is very responsible about her diet and health. «No amount of anti-aging creams will help if you ignore healthy foods,» she says.
Vegetable salads, steamed rice, freshly squeezed juices — a habitual food for the actress.
Sandra Bullock confessed that the right makeup helps her to look younger. The actress prefers a modest makeup without a bright
lipstick and too dark eyeshadows. Her favorite choices are beige eyeshadow, pink blush, transparent lip gloss or nude lipstick. No false
lashes or dramatic contouring. According to the star, it is the simple makeup that can refresh the face. And when there are no shoots or
interviews, the star tries to use as little makeup as possible.
On a day-to-day basis, she spends about eight minutes on makeup. Her main products in the cosmetic bag are face cream, mascara and
lip gloss. To make her lips look natural but not pale, Bullock adds a drop of peppermint oil to her lip balm.
Bullock has repeatedly said that she is not going to change anything in her appearance through plastic surgery. But at certain times she
has resorted to beauty injections and lip augmentation procedures.

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