These worldwide stars were considered one of the most beautiful actresses of their time, devoted their whole lives to cinema and
theater, and even years later, they practically did not lose their popularity. So lets find out what are they like now!
The adorable actress became popular thanks to the very famous at that time picture «The Taming of the Shrew», so the public could
appreciate the actress’s game and charm for the first time. Perhaps Ornella would have gotten secondary roles at best, but director
Damiano Damiani noticed the talent of the actress. And from that time the amazing woman gained huge popularity. Now the 66-year-old
actress leads a very active lifestyle, and even periodically acts in films or participates in the filming of various television projects. Even
now, Ornella remains a very popular actress who is often recognized on the streets.
Brigitte Bardot
Since childhood, Brigitte showed acting talent and a craving for dancing. After the ballet school, she immediately entered the Dance
Academy, where she was spotted by photographers of fashion magazines. The first film in which the girl was given a role was extremely
successful for her. And already from the 50s to the 60s, the actress began an active creative period and reached her fame. Brigitte’s life
today is very calm and quiet. Together with her husband, she lives in her villa and rarely attends social events. She has devoted her time
to charity and opened some animal protection funds.

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