However, few people know that another life was hiding behind this overwhelming success. This beauty has become a victim of maternal ego. She sacrificed the psyche and health of the child, which brought him millions of dollars.

From birth, Eden was not only the object of maternal love but also a means of increasing his wealth. When the baby was only four months old, everyone noticed that she was unusually beautiful. The mother set a goal for her child to become famous all over the world, and the woman did everything to fulfill her plan.

The little girl, who had just turned one year old, first appeared on a TV show. All TV viewers were simply amazed by her beauty. It was clear from the beginning that the mother had made great efforts to create an image for her child. He took his daughter to the solarium and tried on her hair, make-up, and clothes. This was done to create the image of a living doll in the viewer’s mind. Immediately after her first TV appearance, her mother’s dream of signing a contract that would bring in a lot of money began to come true.

However, at the peak of the girl’s popularity, many warned her mother that her constant stay in the solarium and kilograms of cosmetics could harm her baby’s health. But the woman refused to hear anything.

At the age of six, our heroine once and for all refused to participate in castings and shows. After brief quarrels between mother and daughter, the woman was forced to accept her child’s choice. After that, they occasionally appeared in public but were no longer as famous as before.
He accused the child’s mother of spoiling her daughter’s childhood and damaging her health. The author writes that he has seen many times how cruel the mother is, sometimes rude to the girl.

The author also told that the girl was constantly on a diet. As a result, this caused health problems for the girl, but the mother did not worry at all.

Eden is now 17 years old. There was a moment in her life when she grew up as an ordinary child, without a series of photos and competitions. Now she does not dream of appearing in beauty contests, but sometimes she likes to pose in front of photographers.
Eden Wood studied very well at school and liked to participate in school amateur performances, she plays the drums and sings well. It also became known that Eden played one of the main roles in the youth TV series.

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