The poor baby elephant was found caught in a trap for 4 days. The helpless creature was spotted near around Kruger National Park, South Africa. And thankfully the rescuers managed to free her and to take to the wild center.
The calf was wounded seriously and she needed a proper care. The staff acted perfectly to help the lovely animal. It was evident that she was unique. She wasn’t just grey as many other elephants but she was more like pink.
The little animal looked so weak, innocent and pure but also so brave and strong to endure all the difficulties she would pass during her recovery. The was really special for the staff. They knew they had to help her do all the things for her to feel protected and happy.
And she was truely joyful now learning that she was rescued and safe. She proved that she had enough courage and will to overcome all the hardships and live perfectly. She was a bright and nice personality and she deserved all the love and care she gained in the center.

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