The incomparable Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is known all over the world as a star of action movies, a performer of incredible stunts, an extreme sports fan, an arrogant lucky guy and a follower of Scientology with a very strange personal life. However, his fame came not only because of his excellent physical shape and pretty face.

Let us recall such remarkable films with his participation as «Born on the Fourth of July», «Rain Man», «Interview with the Vampire», «Eyes Wide Shut», «The Firm», «Jerry Maguire» and «Vanilla Sky».

Recently, Tom surprised fans with his appearance. The 60-year-old actor has changed a lot over the past couple of months. Fans of Cruise came to the conclusion that «the swollen oval will not correct even plastic surgery.

«How he changed», «Tom, what’s wrong with you?», «Tell me I’m dreaming», «Plastic surgery is powerless now», «What a handsome boy he used to be», «Time doesn’t make anyone beautiful», «We all are not getting younger», «Sad scene», «But he makes a living with his face», «Unexpectedly», «Radical change in appearance», «Suddenly he looks old» — write internet users.

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