One San Francisco foster parent has devoted her life to helping kids in need of some tender, loving care.Linda Owens has been in the foster-care system for decades, but she is truly one of a kind.Linda is a foster parent who specializes in caring for infants.Over her fostering career, Linda has cared for 81 infants, and she has no plans to stop.

With over 34 years of foster parenting, Linda is an absolute miracle to dozens of babies in need. Although she never had children of her own, Linda has touched the lives of dozens of children around the nation.“Baby Whisperer,” “Mama Linda,” and “Miss Linda” are just some of the names that the San Franciscan has been called over the years.

The 78-year-old woman plans to continue fostering infants as long as her health allows.
Linda explains that although the job isn’t without its challenges, it is an extremely worthwhile and rewarding career. She is sure to give the babies the attention and love they deserve so that they will be ready when their adoption time comes.

She is currently one of the longest-serving foster parents in the San Francisco Bay area.

Most newborn parents can’t wait until the day where their tiny humans can snooze soundly through the night, but for Linda, this infant phase never ends.
Linda is a single parent who usually fosters 1-2 newborns at a time.

Over her fostering career, Linda has also cared for several sets of twins. Several of her prior infants still keep in touch through phone calls, emails, and some in-person visits.

One of the first infants to come under Linda’s care is currently 37 years old.

A large percentage of the newborns that would come under Linda’s care were exposed to life-altering drugs and substances while they were still in their mother’s womb.
This has left many with developmental delays and struggles with sleeping. Linda is sure to provide them with constant patience and care. Although she is a foster parent, she treats each child as one of her own.
A local pediatrician describes Linda’s optimism and perseverance as effervescent.
With over three decades of dedication to the foster-care system, Linda’s kindness never faltered. She was always positive and hopeful during each routine visit.

One of the fostered infants and her adoptive mother routinely visit Linda to update her on large life milestones in the tween’s life.
In an interview with KPIX CBS SF Bay Area, we hear one of the adoptive mothers comment on how Linda was also able to provide advice to the infants’ new mothers. Linda could tailor her advice for each individual child.

To recognize Linda’s selfless contributions to infants in need, Linda was awarded the Jefferson Award for her years of commitment to the foster-care program.
The Jefferson Award aspires to recognize individuals who continue to do good every day. Award winners have displayed extraordinary accounts of public service and continue to urge others to do the same.

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