American Alvina Rein has always been a very pretty girl, but only at the same time, she suffered from depression. In order not to
somehow get hung up on her state of mind, she simply «jammed» her problems and chose tasty, but harmful food.
A few years ago, fate gave her an excellent opportunity, in a rather sudden form, to finally put herself in order. The fact is that at that time
Alvina already had two children and a husband who did not find any other words for the girl, like “fat pig”.
This attitude from a loved one hurt the girl very much. As a result, she broke up with her husband and began to put her body in order,
although the man constantly told her that if he left her, she would be left alone, because no one needs such a girl.
At first, Alvina eliminated flour from her diet and reduced the number of carbohydrates. This paid off and after a couple of weeks, she
lost 5 kilograms. This result motivated her to work further, and she went to the gym.
As a result, now the girl looks just gorgeous. There was no trace of the former uncertainty, besides, the girl easily found herself with a
loved one who respects her and does not allow herself to say offensive words to her.

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