Dad sincerely wishes his son a happy birthday – this is the best story you can find, and this story has spread all over the Internet.

A father’s request to his autistic son “never had a friend” is being circulated online with birthday wishes. This story reminds me of how beautiful humanity is as a mother of a child with autism.

Having a child with autism adds additional skills to parenting skills. God created them to see the world differently. Parents of children with autism know how beautiful and violent they can be, because they are not children who fit the normal picture of society.

It simply means that we have to find different ways to support the community, including parents, friends, strangers, guardians, neighbors, and teachers. Because everyone with autism is unique.

Dad Asks For Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son
Daniel Harrison, who has autism, recently wrote down two wishes – and one of them came true thanks to his father.

Kevin Harrison, Daniel’s father, shared that because of his son’s autism, Daniel typically prefers to play alone. In fact, throughout his entire childhood Daniel never once asked to go play with friends.

But Daniel wanted a very special birthday this year. This request shocked and shocked his father, Kevin, because Daniel wanted him for his birthday: learn to drive and make friends.

Kevin often shares updates about Daniel on social media. Yet, after he learned of his son’s birthday wishes, he wanted to make Daniel’s birthday just a little sweeter.
On social media, he wrote, “Daniel’s my son. Profoundly Autistic. Hasn’t one friend. It’s his birthday today.” He humbly asked others to chime in and wish his son a happy birthday.

Kevin did not expect this kind request to receive over 17,000 likes and fly around the network with a heartfelt birthday greetings. In fact, Daniel has received thousands of heartfelt birthday greetings.

Happy birthday to my son with autism
Kevin was surprised that celebrities like Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone and Ariel Winter also took the time to wish them a happy birthday. Most of the birthday wishes come from other parents of children with autism. By Minnesota mother Sheletta Brangi.

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