Bullies should have no place in society, and yet they pop up everywhere like a bunch of roaches. We’re always told that bullies have some reason that they bully. That they might have their own trauma, or they’re insecure.

But I’m sure most of us agree that there’s usually no actual sob story for why people bully others. Some people just suck, and that’s it.

Allison Davis’ son, Drew, was dealing with someone picking on him. And she went on the internet to defend how he handled it.

This boy made Drew’s life at school a living hell. We’re all familiar with the experience, but let’s nonetheless listen to how things played out for Drew.

The boy regularly threatened Drew and his friends, much to Allison’s concern.

Yet despite threats being reason enough to act, the school thought otherwise. Yes, it’s gonna be one of those schools.

As much as people like to think bullies have their own emotional trauma behind the bullying, nothing could be further from the truth. Bullies are simply what happens when extreme narcissism is rewarded with a lack of accountability.

More threats came, and more inaction came from the school.

Even as Drew’s bully threatened him in other places – like voicemails and text messages, the school seemed dismissive and apathetic.

How is a kid supposed to focus on school when they’re constantly being abused like this?

Naturally, Allison grew more and more concerned for Drew. She also grew more and more frustrated with the school.

The bully followed Drew through the halls, threatened him during their classes together, and made school feel as unsafe as possible for Drew.

It had reached the point where Drew refrained from talking to the adults at school.
This was most likely thanks to the general trauma felt and the trust issues from the school’s apathetic approach.

When the school actually did do something, it was nothing short of insulting and disappointing.
They made Drew and his bully sign a “no contact” contract. You don’t need me to tell you this, but a bully isn’t going to stop just because they signed a piece of paper saying they would.

And he didn’t stop, just as expected.

But bullies can’t get away with it forever. Actions always have consequences.
Eventually, they’re going to lay down the straw that’ll break the camel’s back.

Soon enough, that’s exactly what happened. It took place on the bus.

Drew boarded the bus, and the bully was close like he always was. He now took it a step further by threatening Drew’s family as well.

The boy threatened Drew’s 11-year-old brother and their father too. That did it.

Drew had seen and heard enough. This bully had gone far too long without being held accountable, without facing consequences.

And if the school wouldn’t do something, then Drew might as well take matters into his own hands.

Drew got up and punched him. Three times. Enough to make him cry.

Seems like that was all it took. Of course, the school being the hypocrites they are punished Drew for it. He was given a 5-day OSS penalty, but at least his biggest problem had been dealt with now.

And Allison? She supported Drew’s decision and stood by it.
“I know as a parent I’m suppose to be upset with him for resorting to violence or getting suspended, but I’m not. Not even a little bit.” – Allison said unapologetically

Sometimes, you have to speak to a bully in the only language they understand. We’re often taught that violence is never the answer, but self-defense laws exist for a reason.

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