A 61-year-old Vermont woman was saved from a black bear that was biting her leg when her Jack Russell terrier started barking and drew the bear’s attention, according to a news release by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Susan Lee told wildlife officials that she was walking on a trail on her property in Strafford on Aug. 20 with her two dogs, a Jack Russell terrier and a labradoodle, when she heard a “loud noise” and a black bear charged her, causing her to trip over a stone wall.

She then felt “pain on her upper left leg” and realized the bear had bitten her. The attack was halted when her Jack Russell terrier started barking at the bear.

The barking distracted the bear, which released Lee’s leg. She and her dogs were able to retreat further down the trail, where she called 911. A neighbor helped transport her to Gifford Medical Center, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released.

According to a news release, Lee had a bite wound on her left leg and multiple scratches ranging from two inches to nine inches long on both legs.

Wildlife officials determined the bear was a female with cubs that was provoked after being surprised by Lee and her dogs. They were unsuccessful in locating the bear.

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