On March 11, 3-year-old Sophia was in a stroller pushed by her grandmother when an unknown individual attacked them, tossing the stroller to the ground and leaving Sophia with multiple bruises and a large cut on her forehead requiring stitches.
The attacker was arrested, but Sophia and her family were understandably traumatized. Then 109th Precinct Neighborhood Coordination Officer Vera decided to help – and created a GoFundMe in the family’s name to aid with medical expenses.
The community responded, and Officer Vera was able to raise more than $2,500 for Sophia. When she stopped by the 109th Precinct to visit and thank the officers, the NYPD had more surprises for her — toys, clothes, school supplies, gift cards, and more.
Officer Vera is no stranger to giving back to the community. Over the last few holidays, he began collecting money from friends and family to purchase gifts to hand out to the kids he came across while working Christmas evenings.
While he is no longer in the 109 Precinct, he remains in contact with Sophia and her family.

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