“We woke up one Sunday morning and observed this beautiful creature sleeping on a chair on our front porch. She would leave during the day, but would come back every night. Anytime we would open the door to help her, she would run away. I was able to get a couple of photos of her, but that’s it. I posted the pup’s photos on Nextdoor, PawBoost, and some other sites, just trying to find her owners.

I had given my phone number in the PawBoost alert, and the owner called me bright and early that Thursday morning to say that she believed that the dog I photographed was her family’s Maggie! Maggie had been missing since the Friday before. She showed up over 5 miles away, across town, and on my porch that Sunday! Her family was reunited with her that coming Thursday, so she was missing for 6 days in total!

I am not on Facebook, and Maggie would run anytime I got close or even opened my front door. When the family arrived to pick her up, she wasn’t on my porch any longer, but came sprinting down the street when she heard them calling her name and they were swiftly reunited.”

Spread the good news! Thank you to everyone who shared Maggie’s alert. After being missing for a total of about 6 days, and with the help of her wonderful finder, Maggie is now back home safe with her loving family. Welcome home, Maggie!

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