The only thing cuter than a dog is a baby, but even cuter than all of that, is dogs and babies together. Big dogs and tiny babies make for some truly adorable moments, and fortunately, the parents and owners of these pups and newborns have taken plenty of cute pictures for you to aww over. These puppy and baby pairs will melt your heart and brighten your day.

Giant dogs like Great Danes and Newfoundlands, might seem like they should be kept away from babies, but when they meet their new family members, cuteness ensues. Little kids and dogs can be great pals, taking naps together, learning to crawl, and playing outside. No matter what, they’ll be just as cute as can be.From puppies and babies sharing a cozy seat, to corgis welcoming home their newest humans, to kids playing with their favorite (and giant) dog friends, there are tons of cute dogs and babies pictures for you to enjoy. Be sure to vote for the most adorable piles of fluff and cuteness below!

1. This Baby Who Heard His Dog’s Best Joke

2. These Four Babies

3. These Comfy Guys

4. This Dog Teaching His Human to Stand

5. This Future Vet and Her Patient

6. These Sleepy Boys

7. These Two Sharing a Chair

8. These Friends Enjoying Christmastime

9. This Baby and Her Tummy Time Friend

10. This Pup Getting a Kiss

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