Baked zucchini is the perfect side dish for just about any meal! Garden fresh zucchini is tossed with olive oil and herbs and topped with a pinch of parmesan cheese.

These baked zucchini rounds come out perfectly tender crisp with a golden parmesan cheese topping.  Serve with steaks, burgers, chicken… or even to snack on on their own!


When cooking zucchini, we suggest Italian seasonings, you can add in your favorite herbs and spices to change it up or to complement your meal.  The cheese can be replaced with any cheese you like as well!

If you prefer a softer zucchini, you can cut them thinner (or even cut them into sticks or wedges if you prefer)!

When making this Baked Zucchini recipe, everything can be prepared well in advance and when dinner is almost ready, just pop this in the oven for a few minutes.

How to Bake Zucchini

Zucchini is very easy to overcook. The thicker you cut your zucchini, the crispier it will stay while you bake it, we find ½” is about perfect!

Zucchini is best baked at a high temperature for a short amount of time, which allows it to slightly caramelize (which adds flavor) without getting mushy. In this recipe, your baked zucchini will only be in the oven for 8-10 minutes, including the broil section to roast it to perfection!

f you are grilling up some steaks or meat, change this recipe up by grilling your zucchini on the barbecue too (amazing flavor), and adding your cheese afterward. The flavor of grilled zucchini goes perfectly with steaks and a pasta salad!

Baked zucchini is an easy recipe, and always a crowd-pleaser. The bonus? You will most likely already have everything you need in your kitchen! It’s delicious, loaded with flavor and it’s keto-friendly as it’s naturally low in carbs!

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