A 46-year-old woman from Utah recently became a mom to identical triplets years after her gynecologists told her she wouldn’t be able to conceive again.

In an interview with NBC’s KSL-TV, Audrey Tiberius said she had lost all her hopes of becoming a mother again after one of her doctors said that her ‘eggs were too old.’

“I went to the doctor several years ago, and they said you won’t be able to have any more children; your eggs are too old,” she said.

According to Audrey, however, she didn’t lose hope and went ahead to try different fertility treatments because she wanted more kids. However, none of the treatments worked for her.

So, after trying hard for a few years, she gave up and lost all her hope. But after seven years, when she was almost 45 years old, Audrey became pregnant naturally.  

“The doctors had more to say, and the update shocked everyone. I was informed that I wasn’t just carrying one baby. I was expecting three!” 

“There’s no way to explain it other than a miracle. What a gift from God!”

Tiberius is now a happy mom to seven boys.

“I just feel like my life is complete now with these sweet babies,” she said.

“I prayed and prayed for five years to have more children because I always wanted a really big family, and seven was kind of my number.”

When I found out I was pregnant; finally at age 45, I was just over the moon. As shocked as I was, it felt like it was MEANT TO BE.”

According to Today, Audrey was already a mom to four boys – Marcus, 13, James, 11, Christian, 9, and Max, 7 before welcoming three more to the clan.  

Tiberius also said that when she spoke with a statistician, he told her,

“The odds of becoming pregnant at 45 are 1 in 100. The odds of identical triplets are 1 in 10,000, and the odds of a 45-year-old conceiving identical triplets are 1 in 20 billion.”

“The odds of this happening are so incredibly rare that, to me, it just must be a miracle,” she added.

She further said that now that she has seven children in total, her responsibilities have increased, and she is always on the go.

“It’s a little crazy sometimes when we can’t tell who’s who because they’re across the room. They just look so much alike,” she said.

 “I pump breast milk for my babies, I feed babies, I change babies, I burp babies, I hold babies, then I repeat that all day long.

But the 46-year-old didn’t want it any other way, in fact, she is even looking forward to giving birth to a daughter one day.

“I really wanted a daughter. My husband says, ‘Hey, obviously the sky’s the limit on what could happen.’ So, maybe we’re not done. Who knows?” she laughed.

“We have been in baby heaven, I wish everybody could have all the babies they wanted.”

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