But according to OK! magazine, Prince Harry instead prefers to call his sister-in-law “Cath” as a marker of their close relationship.Rejecting her preferred name for a more formal option, the newly-married Prince is rumoured to prefer “Cath” because this is what Kate Middleton used to go by when they were first introduced in 2001.

And considering Harry and Kate’s closeness, we can imagine Harry quite likes being the only one to call her “Cath”, right?

But this isn’t the only nickname Kate goes by.Like any normal couple with petnames, Prince William is said to call his wife “babe” and “darling”. Side note: how adorable is this?

And during her school career, Kate also went by “Squeak” which was also the name of her guinea pig at the the time. Cute.

Appearing on Scott Mills’ Radio 1 show last year, Kate Middleton has previously said she isn’t picky when it comes to nicknames.The laid-back royal reassured the BBC host that she “will answer to most things” and doesn’t have a favourite name.

Princess Cathy anyone?

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