Several years ago, a little boy was growing up in a poor community dreaming of becoming a designer.
There are many children who dream of this, but only a few actually pursue their dream and manage to overcome the obstacles and succeed in the field they feel they belong.

One of the few who actually made it is Isaiah Garza.

Once a poor boy, he knew he could do better than that, and followed his heart. He worked hard, and eventually became the jewelry designer he always wanted to be.
To this day, pieces of his jewelry have been worn by Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Cardi B, and more artists and celebrities.

Isaiah is also a very popular TikToker. In fact, his account is currently followed by more than 7.5 million users, while his videos always go viral.
Now, there’s something really special about his videos. He doesn’t try to show off his celebrity life now that he’s rich and famous. On the contrary, he tries to be a blessing for others.

“Once homeless & now changing lives” he writes in the description in his profile.

Indeed, now that he can afford it, he spends his money to make other people happy and change their lives for the better.
One of the most touching videos is the one in which Isaiah takes a 100-year-old veteran to Disneyland.
The video has already amassed more than 14 million likes and it has made people from around the globe tear up.

As we can see in the video, Garza meets the elderly man on the street and asks him how he’s doing. The man replies that he’s “not that bad”, and he definitely has no idea what is about to happen.

Isaiah goes on to explain that he’s had a rough day and he’d like to take him to Disneyland if he’d like that. The senior can’t believe it and asks to make sure if the young man really wants to take him there.

Only a moment later, we can see them having the time of their lives in Disneyland doing lots of fun stuff together.
From fun rides to meeting cartoon characters and wearing Minnie Mouse ears, the elderly man is really having a great time and it’s obvious that he’s super excited!
Garza had to carry him in the wheelchair, but he wasn’t bothered one bit. He enjoyed himself as much as his new elderly friend did. They ended up becoming best friends, as he admitted.
The man confessed that this was one of the best days of his life and that he’ll cherish these moments forever. He admitted that he felt that his life was over, but this experience lifted his spirits.
TikTok users loved this video and they insisted on Isaiah remaining in this elderly man’s life because he might actually need him as much as the senior does. And that makes perfect sense to us.

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