For some police officers, there are no routine calls on the job. Each call is different.And for Officer Andrew Brooks of the Middletown Connecticut Police Department, this call he received was not the usual.The local authorities received a call from a local resident, who said he needed to talk to the police.Officer Brooks was the police officer who received the call and trooped to this man’s residence.He told Officer Brooks he was having a “rough week.”Wow, we’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced rough weeks where nothing went right and everything was going wrong one after the other. Or even all at the same time!

And we just want someone to take care of us.

But this man had no one. He was living by himself. And he was hungry. But he didn’t know what to cook and didn’t want to cook.

It’s a good thing he called the police instead of despairing by himself.
And he was blessed that Officer Brooks was the one who responded to the call. When he heard this man’s story, he told him not to worry and that he would take care of it.

He searched around the man’s kitchen for food.
There wasn’t much but Officer Brooks was able to cook eggs and a cheese sandwich for the man.

“Sometimes a hot meal and someone to talk to is all it takes to lift someone’s spirits and change their perception on things,” Middletown Police Department – Connecticut wrote on their Facebook post.

The comments section of the Facebook post was bursting with happiness and pride for the man and the police officer.
A lot of the commenters shared how proud they are of Officer Brooks and the Middletown Police Department and how every police department should be like them. There are some who resonated with the man and are very thankful he called the police before doing anything he will regret later.

And there were some who were thankful the police responded and provided comfort for this man.
“Sometimes, all it takes is the compassionate kindness of another human being. Thank you officer for seeing what this man needed, and giving it so graciously. I’ve found that the majority of police officers I’ve dealt with have been respectful, patient and kind in dealing with my adult child SPMI. I’ve honestly never come across this level of understanding from any police force in any other city or town I’ve lived in,” Diane-Frances Champagne added in the comments section.

When you experience a rough day or week, there are some steps you can do to make it bearable.
Slow down and take a slow breath. Inhale slowly, hold it for 2 seconds, and exhale slowly again. Do this as many times as you need.

Stop finding blame. It won’t solve the problem anyway. Instead, look for a possible positive outcome.

Unplug. Disconnect from things or people who take the most energy from you. If you can, surround yourself with people who can fill up your energy.

If you know someone who’s having a rough day, be like Officer Brooks. Do something good for them and recharge their energy.
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