If you base your opinion of Owen Wilson on the roles he has played in recent years, you’d probably think that he is a pretty great dad. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be the whole truth. A father of three children, each with a different woman, Wilson sees his two sons somewhat regularly. His daughter, however, he has never met – despite paying $25k a month in child support. (1)

Owen Wilson Pays $25k Per Month For A Daughter He Has Never Met
At 51-years old, actor Owen Wilson has two sons from two previous relationships. His most recent child, however, he refused to even acknowledge at first. Born in October 2018, Owen’s ex Varunie Vongsvirates had to file a paternity petition in court in May 2018. This is because the actor refused to believe that the little girl, named Lyla Aranya Wilson, was his. (1)

In July 2018, Wilson said he didn’t want visitation rights because he did not think baby Lyla, despite the incredible resemblance she has of her father, belonged to him. Instead, he ordered a DNA test. The results, of course, proved that Wilson is the father. (1)

Once the results proved that Owen Wilson is the father and therefore has a financial responsibility towards her, the courts ruled that it was time he starts supporting the child. He now pays $25,000 per month to his ex for Layla’s care and expenses and added his daughter to his Screen Actor’s Guild medical insurance. (2) He also had to pay a one-time amount of $70,000, which covered a night nurse, labor coach, and his ex’s lawyer fees.

All decisions about the child, however – medical, education, etc., are legally made only by her mother. As of right now, it seems Wilson wants nothing to do with his daughter or his ex. (1)

The former couple signed documents agreeing that they would not slander each other online, in interviews, or public. (1) Though Vongsvirates has full custody, she has mentioned online a few times that she still wants her daughter to meet her father. When asked if she has a message for her ex, she said this:

“You should see your daughter, she’s incredible, you’re really missing out. She looks just like you.” (2)

She says that Layla needs her father and that she deserves his time and attention just as much as his two sons, Ford and Finn. (2) Hopefully, the actor will come around, and his little girl won’t have to grow up feeling unloved by her own dad.

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