In 1952, Martha fulfilled her dream and wed the love of her life.

Nothing at the time could stop their love, but there were misconceptions that their union was unworthy of celebration.

They are all black, that is why.

Blacks were not allowed to associate with white people back then.

They were thought to have no right to it because they weren’t treated equally.

Without a wedding gown, Martha and her husband still got married.

Black people were prohibited from entering bridal salons in the 1950s.

And Martha’s fantasy of strolling alongside her beloved while wearing a lovely white dress persisted for many years.

After 70 years, Martha watched a love story on the big screen with her granddaughter.

She mentioned to her granddaughter that she had always imagined wearing a dress as lovely as the snow-white one in the wedding scene.

Because she didn’t have this opportunity when she got married.

The granddaughter made the decision to shock her cherished grandmother.

A dress bearing Martha’s name was waiting for her when she entered the living room.

She felt extremely moved and happy.

All of her inner beauty was reflected in her appearance as she tried on this dress.

According to her granddaughter, her grandmother is a hundred times more energetic than she is.

“When I turned to face the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself! I was overjoyed. — Martha said.

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