It’s not unusual for us to see parents taking care of their children.

It’s their job, after all.
We see this every day from parents picking up their kids from school, playing with them in the playground, feeding them the best meals, or just hugging them tight.

While these things are quite normal, we should also remember that parents are humans too.

They also get tired physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Just like any other human being, they need to take a break every now and then, which is quite rare for a parent.

A video in China became viral when a parent just couldn’t take it anymore.

The video was taken in a subway where a parent fell asleep in the middle of the trip.

A heartwarming reversal of roles
The short clip showed a mom lying down on her son’s lap.

It was not mentioned where they came from, how early it was, or for how long they were traveling.

No matter the circumstance, it is clear that this caring boy didn’t want his mom to sleep uncomfortably.

He even draped a towel over his mom’s shoulder so she wouldn’t feel cold.

The boy looked after his mom every now and then.
Besides providing her with a soft place to rest her head, he also wrapped his arm over her shoulder so she wouldn’t fall over.

He also carefully fixes her hair so it wouldn’t cover her eyes.

The boy is lucky to have a caring parent but the mom is luckier to have a boy this mature and protective.

Fortunately, other passengers felt so moved by the boy’s actions that someone managed to take a short video.

It’s the sweetest video.
In the years to come, the boy and his mom can go back to this clip and see the love they shared.

This isn’t the first time a clip like this surfaced, however.

Another boy showed how caring he was when he let his mom use his hand as a pillow in a subway.

The scene, which also happened in China, had people cheering and swooning for the boy.

He took her burdens.

In the video, the boy has two bags on his shoulder, a handbag, and another red bag.

It seems like he took the burdens of his mother so she can rest better during the train ride.

The mother, meanwhile, sat on the very end of the bench.

She rested her head against the acrylic shield and the metal rail.

Her son gives her a hand.

Her son can be seen pressing his hand between the acrylic glass and his mom’s temple.

At least, if the train rumbles and sways, his mom wouldn’t hit her head on these hard surfaces.

His filial love extended beyond mom.
The passengers said that the boy was first seated right beside his mother. But when he saw another mother with a stroller enter the train, the boy offered his

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