Horses are known for being strong, noble, and fast. They’re not usually thought of as funny or cuddly.

But one horse seems determined to prove that wrong. When a dedicated journalist tried to report on horse races, his interview guest stole the show.

From the get-go, he has a hard time.

Even just trying to start the segment, the reporter hits a speed bump — the horse just wants to rub its head against his!

The horse is so determined to cuddle, it distracts the journalist and he has to start his opening sentence over multiple times.

The horse just wants to cuddle.
At first, the horse starts by rubbing his head against the journalist’s head. That prompted the journalist to laugh out loud.

He can barely get a word in as this horse stands behind him and nuzzles him.

At one point, after restarting the filming a few times, the horse stops nuzzling him. But he doesn’t stop stealing the show.

Instead, he rests his head on top of the journalist in a protective and sweet stance.

The horse’s determination to cuddle makes the journalist laugh so hard that they have to stop filming again.

Then it starts to seem like the horse is waiting for his turn!

After cuddling a whole bunch, the horse wants something bigger and better.

Or, maybe he’s just tired of not receiving attention and he wants to turn to something more drastic.

Either way, after a few attempts at getting rubs and pats from the journalist, the horse starts inching his face closer to the microphone.

He starts nodding his head at it and at times seems like he’s trying to get his mouth on it. Either he’s hungry or he’s got something to say.

Regardless of his motives, this move stops the reporter in his tracks yet again, as he dissolves into giggles.

This horse just wants a bite of the attention.

Horses can be pretty strong, but they also know when to be gentle.

So when this horse started giving the reporter little nibbles on his ear, it seems clear that it’s more of a friendly attention-seeking move than an aggressive one.

A horse biting you can hurt quite a lot – but the reporter was so amused by it! It’s clearly just another effort by the horse to be the star of this show.

There’s a chance that this horse understood what the reporter was feeling.

The journalist’s laughing might have egged the horse on! According to Equine Helper,

“Studies have shown that horses express positive emotional reactions to some humans, and negative emotional reactions to others, indicating that horses are capable of developing a strong positive bond with a human…The findings indicated that horses are capable of detecting when a human is expressing and projecting positive feelings towards them and is likely to reciprocate those positive feelings. “

That means that the horse might have seen the man laughing and kept at it because he liked making him happy.

We can’t say for sure that the horse ever stopped his antics in order for the news to film, but everyone seems to have enjoyed this viral clip.
This video has gotten millions of views on YouTube, and so many comments talking about how funny the horse is.

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